The Well-Being Of Prematurely Born Babies

These little ones give the impression of being like the petals of a flower that is about to bloom: fragile, delicate and to be cared for.

Looking at them you will agree with me that they can be defined as the personification of fragility, but precisely for this reason it is essential to give them all the love and strength they need.

Even if your baby was born before completing 37 weeks of gestation, we try to help him build all the tools to become a real force of nature.

First of all it is necessary to create a suitable environment: adjust the lights in the room, check the ambient temperature, avoid exposure to loud noises!

Pay close attention to nutrition:

premature babies fed with mother’s milk, in fact, are more protected from infections and favored in physical and neurological development. Vitamin E deficiencies can occur in premature babies fed the wrong diet.

Regulate his sleep-wake rhythm and stay close to him, as physical contact is vital.

Observe his body signals to learn to understand his messages.

Accept the signs of tiredness or discomfort, which can for example be: pale skin or white and red spots, sudden movements, tremors, agitation, hiccups, frequent sneezing, irritability.

Try to put into practice the so-called kangaroo care.

It is a simple but effective neonatal technique that helps preterm babies recover faster.

It is based on the idea that skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby can promote the well-being of the latter and also improve the conditions of physical fragility typical of premature or underweight babies.

The voice is also another preferential sensory channel that allows you to be in contact and establish a bond with your baby right away.